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Personality Assessment & Development

There is a lot of information about personality or psychological type available on the web. Here you will find our curated links to type websites and other associations of psychological types in the US, Europe and Australia.

Myers & Briggs Foundation

Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library is the largest collection of information and materials dedicated to the MBTI instrument and personality type in the world.

Mary & Isabel's Library Online (MILO)

MMDI Personality Test - Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator

Psychology Junkie

Type Academy

Media Portal for Dario Nardi

Personality Junkie

Personality Hacker

The Myers-Briggs Company (US)

The Myers-Briggs Company (UK)

MBTI online (take the MBTI)

Type School

Global Type Organisations

There are several type organisations operating across the globe, with BAPT being the UK-based one. We encourage you to also explore the websites of our international partners listed below. 

The other type associations currently are:

APTi Logo


AusAPT Logo




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