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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)

Unlike most personality assessments, the MBTI is a preference type model, not a trait model - in other words it helps you identify your overall preferences along a series of spectrums, rather than ‘how much’ of a particular behaviour you exhibit. This is important, because behaviours change, whereas preferences tend to be more stable through life.

For 50 years or so, the MBTI was the only game in town.  Now there are many more ways to understand one’s type preferences - some of them very well researched and statistically reliable and valid, some of them not so much.

The MBTI, like all good type instruments, is designed to be part of a conversation and exploration with a certified type practitioner or expert. BAPT maintains a register of type practitioners who can help you to discover your psychological or personality type.

Our purpose here at BAPT is to help you understand and apply the insights that you have obtained through an assessment like the MBTI, and to support professional users of well-designed personality assessments using the type model.

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