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Puzzled? Questions? 

Are you new to personality type?

Here are some useful pointers from the Myers-Briggs Foundation and our recommended principles for good practice in personality type assessment and development. 

Apply type knowledge in everyday life, for example, personal growth, family and relationships, and work and careersSelf-understanding, improved relationships, better communication, and an appreciation for personality differences are just some of the benefits gained from learning about personality type. You can learn to be more effective in your use of type through understanding and appreciating personality differences in constructive ways.

When you take the MBTI instrument or find a certified type practitioner to work with, make sure that you are taking the real Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment.

Options for taking the MBTI assessment:


What to expect when you take the MBTI assessment:

  • You will take the assessment online. There are no right or wrong answers. The MBTI instrument is not a test. You select the answers that fit best for you.

  • Results are most often given in person or virtually through an interpretive feedback discussion with a certified MBTI practitioner. This feedback process allows for personal interpretation that enhances the understanding of MBTI results.

  • When using the MBTI online service, offered by The Myers-Briggs Company, the integrated            self-guided feedback system is designed to help you understand and verify the accuracy of your results. A follow-up conversation with a professional is suggested but not essential.

  • Scored results come in the form of an MBTI Profile Report that is either delivered via the web or given to you in printed form. This report is confidential and is treated accordingly by the professionals who deliver the report to you.

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