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About BAPT


Let's Talk About It.

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BAPT provides a forum, network, and resources for individuals interested in understanding and using personality type for their own and others’ growth.


Through conferences, in-person and online events, workshops, articles, publications and other resources, BAPT encourages lively debate in a friendly atmosphere where you can talk and enjoy exploring the endlessly compelling world of personality type.


If you are interested in personality then BAPT is for you! 

Promoting the understanding and application of personality type

Our preferred type assessment tool is the MBTI®

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® offers a wealth of applications in both personal and professional development - giving all of us remarkable insight into our own personalities, and those of others. BAPT is interested in other personality type tools which have a common theoretical basis and the same application. 

An Ethical Voice for Type

Our Values





The BAPT Board of Trustees

All of our trustees are volunteers. Charity trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run. Each trustee has responsibility for a specific area.


Board members are voted on at each Annual General Meeting (AGM), and serve 2 years per term (with a maximum of 3 terms). We have several roles available on our Board of Trustees, and BAPT will cover the expenses of being present at meetings, conferences and the AGM for all board members.


If you feel that you have the dedication, enthusiasm and skills to join our board or to volunteer in other ways and lead the way in promoting type, then get in touch with Sarah Perrott at

BAPT Volunteers

We actively encourage members to help us in any capacity. This can mean content creation such as writing articles and newsletters, contributing to our social media campaigns, creating digital content, and more with the intention of supporting our engagement activity with members and non-members. 

A Brief History of BAPT
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