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Motivational Reading

Updated: Feb 15

  • Hodgson, D. (2013) Personality in the Classroom

  • Hodgson, D. (2006) The Buzz: A practical confidence builder for teenagers

  • Bayne, R. (2004) Psychological Types at Work. An MBTI perspective

  • Keirsey, D. (1998) Please Understand Me II

  • Tieger, P. D. Barron, B. & Tieger, K. (2014) Do What You Are – discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of personality type

  • Nash, S. & Bolin C. (2003) Teamwork from the Inside Out Fieldbook

  • Berens L. (2006) Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to the 4 Temperaments

  • Pearman, R. & Albritton S. (2020) I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You

  • Payne D. & Van Sant S. (2009) Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

  • Murphy, E. (1992) The Developing Child: using Jungian type to understand children

  • Baron, Renee (2011) Opposites Attract: how to use the secrets of personality type to create a love that lasts

  • Tieger, P.D. & Barron-Tieger, B. (1999) The Art of Speed Reading People

  • Lawrence, G. (2009) People Types and Tiger Stripes

  • Nash, S. (2011) Contextual Coaching

  • Berens, L. (2011) Interaction Essentials: 3 keys to effective relationships in the workplace and beyond

  • Nash, S. (2019) Flawless Facilitation

  • Stothart, C. (2018) How to Get On with Anyone based on Interaction Styles

  • Stothart, C. (2023) Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team based on Temperament.

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