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Catherine Stothart

Director of Events


Catherine Stothart is a Leadership Coach working with multi-national companies including Airbus and Google. Her best-selling first book, How to Get On with Anyone, (2018, Pearson), based on Interaction Styles, is a guide to understanding others and communicating positively with any personality type. It has sold over 12,000 copies and is translated into five languages. Her latest book, Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading your Team, is based on Temperament and sets out how to lead others to fulfil their purpose and potential. (2023, Routledge).

Catherine qualified in the MBTI 30 years ago and joined BAPT soon afterwards, to share learning on how to apply personality type to help people live better lives.

She has been on the Board of BAPT since 2017 and is BAPT’s Director of Events. Catherine speaks at international conferences (in-person and online), runs workshops, blogs on topics related to motivation and communication, and writes journal articles. She is a Fellow of the CIPD, has a Masters’ degree in Organisational Behaviour, and has qualifications in Coaching and several psychometric instruments.

Catherine has lived in Egypt and Brazil and now lives in Chester, UK. In her spare time she plays tennis, cycles, and enjoys attending live sport, music and theatre.

Catherine Stothart
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